Why Cloudflyer?

Fully Optimized,
Frictionless & Powerful

Trillions of objects moved between cloud storage providers with cost efficiency and speed. Speeds up to 100G.

No Downtime.
No Heavy IT Resources Required.

We securely connect cloud accounts to our existing infrastructure. All systems ready within minutes. Never any disruption to production data.

100% Data Verification.
100% of the time.

Cloudflyer scans all data with advanced AI tools. Trillions of objects have been moved across many cloud providers and never one object left behind. 

Turnkey Migration Solutions for Cloud Storage Partners


The Power of Cloudflyer
Intelligent & Optimized Object Transfer

Cloudflyer moves files at
speeds up to 100 Gbps

We continuously and intelligently optimize speeds in every way. There is no other C2C transfer service or product available that comes close to matching our performance.

Cloudflyer is a fraction of the price of any other C2C Transfer Service

NO EGRESS COSTS + VOLUME PRICES that are a fraction of any other C2C transfer service. There will never be egress costs leaving AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure.

ANY S3 Compatible API

Many cloud storage services rely on an S3 compatible API for simple and flexible connectivity. We support any cloud storage that offers S3 Compatible APIs for ingest.

Cloudflyer AI

Cloudflyer gathers data on 9 separate network components. Our software uses those data points to intelligently optimize performance and protection of all data across every network.

We love building business with
MSPs and Tech Partners

Our partners lead the way with exposing Cloudflyer's value proposition to the cloud storage market. Offer your customers a new high value service in 2022.

You don't have to be technical
to use Cloudflyer

We've architected a very complex transfer engine while keeping user experience simplicity in mind for our customers and partners. Become a qualified partner and manage your own Cloudflyer account in minutes.

“Transferring billions of objects at high speeds between cloud storage providers has never been possible like this.”

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