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The Lightning Migration feature allows customers of AWS S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to unlock their egress costs and move to lower cost storage. Saving up to 80% annually on cloud storage costs and eliminating egress fees all together.


We move mass amounts of data between clouds

Cloudflyer has solved a vast amount of problems with interconnectivity, object management and network optimization between a wide range of technologies. We’ve enabled the world to move an unlimited amount of data between clouds like never before.

  • S3 Compatible API

    Our API functions as a drop-in replacement for existing applications and tools that use AWS S3.

  • We pay for your Egress costs to move out of S3, Azure and GCP

    The big cloud storage companies charge users to move their data, making it hard to justify moving large amounts. We’ve created a way to cover those fees for you. You can now move with ZERO egress fees.

  • Engineered for Performance

    Our proprietary object management + network optimization technology increases throughput and minimizes response times for both ingress and egress. All while securely verifying every piece of data on both sides.

  • 100 GB Speeds

    Cloudflyer optimizes any network (1GB or 100 GB) being used for the migration. We’ve fully utilized a 100GB connection, allowing for a 1 Petabyte transfer (400 Billion Objects) out of S3 in less than 5 days.

  • High Performance + Simplicity

    Connect cloud accounts. Choose source & destination. Drag and drop buckets. Watch data move in real time from the control panel. That simple.

  • Data-Redundancy

    Objects are replicated from the source cloud to the destination cloud, never deleted from the source. Cloudflyer’s intelligent data management functions scan and verify all objects and verify completion of copy delivery. 100% secure & verified. 100% of the time.

  • Pricing | License or Pay-As-You-Go

    Simple and easy to understand pricing. Depending on your requirements we will offer pricing that no other transfer service can match.

  • Undeniable ROI

    When moving your cloud storage from S3 or Azure to one of the more cost efficient providers (Wasabi, Iron Cloud), the cost of using Cloudflyer is 100% returned by the savings in the new cloud storage within 1-3 months. From there it’s 80% savings on your cloud storage, forever.

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